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Highland Road in late summer sunshine

October 2023

Random Photo Gallery
Photos of Badgers Mount, the latest photo was added in October 2023. View Photos

Footpaths and Roads in Badgers Mount - Summer 2023

Summer 2023

Photos around Badgers Mount
Pictures taken during summer 2023 (10 year update) walking the footpaths and roads of Badgers Mount. View Photos

Knockholt Station - then and now

October 2022

Knockholt Station 1898/2022
Just outside Badgers Mount in Halstead, our local train station comparing the platform in 1898 to 2022. View Photos


Old London Road Milestone
Local milestone - London 18 ~ Sevenoaks 6. View Photos

Summer 2021

Sunflower Competition
Village sunflower growing competition. View Photos

August 2019

Care Home Development
The Nesbit House development on the former Fox's Garage (& Elite Motors) site. View Photos

June 2015

Village Gateway Signs
New village gateway signs installed by KCC. View Photos

Footpaths and Roads in Badgers Mount - Summer 2013

June 2013

Photos around Badgers Mount
Pictures taken during summer 2013 walking the footpaths and roads of Badgers Mount. View Photos

April 2011

Replacement Village Sign
The village sign installed on the verge by the A224 and Old London Road roundabout. View Photos

Heavy Snow February 2009

February 2009

Heavy snow in Badgers Mount
Views around the local roads after some heavy snow. View Photos

June 2005 photos

June 2005

Views of Badgers Mount
Random photos taken in June 2005. View Photos

Jubilee Celebrations

June 2002

Queen's Golden Jubilee Celebrations
Residents' party in the Memorial Hall. View Photos

Village Sign

December 2001

Village Sign
Unveiling the Badgers Mount village sign outside the old Post Office in Old London Road. View Photos

Millennium Mosaic


Millennium Mosaic
Tiled mosaic created to mark the new millennium. View Photos

Original Memorial Hall


Original Memorial Hall
Timber built village hall in Highland Road. View Photos

Aerial Pictures


Aerial pictures
Archive views of Badgers Mount and surrounding area showing the construction of the M25. View Photos

Home Guard


Home Guard
Badgers Mount, Halstead and Shoreham local home guard. View Photos

Original Badgers Mount house layout


1928 Plots For Sale
Original advertising for Badgers Mount building plots and land for sale. View Photos


Old Map
First Edition Ordnance Survey map of Badgers Mount (surveyed in 1871). View Photo

Local Maps

Maps of Badgers Mount, Kent
Road map, OS Map, Street View.

House Locator

Houses in Badgers Mount - House Locator
Find a house in Badgers Mount. Local houses listed by name.


The history of Badgers Mount
A local history timeline.

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