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OS Map - Ordnance Survey map of Badgers Mount

The interactive map below is centered on Badgers Mount, Sevenoaks, Kent.
This map view shows the local footpaths (marked in green) etc. you can see houses and house names here.

Badgers Mount - Street Views

Jump to... Old London Road | Badgers Rise | Crest Close | A224 Orpington By Pass | Christies Ave./Sandersons Ave. | Badgers Road | Johnsons Avenue | Highland Road | Milton Avenue

Local Maps

Maps of Badgers Mount, Kent
Road map, OS Map, Street View.

House Locator

Houses in Badgers Mount - House Locator
Find a house in Badgers Mount. Local houses listed by name.

Fix Badgers Mount

Fix My Street reports for Badgers Mount
Use Fix My Street to report and view local problems - fallen trees, fly-tipping, damaged signs, etc.

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