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Mobile Phone Masts

There are 5 local mobile phone masts serving Badgers Mount used by the main phone providers: EEEE 3Three O2O2 and VodafoneVodafone

This maps shows the mast locations and which providers are transmitting from them - if you are having trouble with your mobile phone reception then this should help show you where to 'point your phone'!

Mast 1 Orpington Bypass
EEEE   Three3

Mast 2 Badgers Road / M25

Mast 3 M25 Slip Road
EEEE   Three3   O2O2   VodafoneVodafone

Mast 4 Polhill Garden Centre / M25
EEEE   Three3

Mast 5 London Road, top of Polhill / M25
EEEE   Three3   O2O2   VodafoneVodafone

Mobile Phone Service Status





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