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A very big thank you to all of the residents of Badgers Mount who attended the meeting at the council offices on Thursday evening, it was an impressive turnout. Your support was much appreciated and, we believe, sent a clear message to SDC that the community feels strongly about this issue.

The next stage is that the Jenkins Neck Wood issue will be debated at the next SDC Cabinet meeting on Thursday 3rd December, when a final decision will be made.

When the Parish Council knows exactly what this is we will organise a public meeting to discuss where we go from there.



'Policy and Performance Advisory Committee' meeting, 26th November 2015, Council Offices, Argyle Rd.

The above committee will be discussing this matter in the ‘Conference Room’ at 7pm.

We can demonstrate our concern by attending this important meeting.

Jenkins Neck Woods, the woodland which lies between Badgers Mount & the M25, was acquired in 1991 by Sevenoaks District Council, (from the Forestry Commission), and ensured continued protection for the residents of Badgers Mount from the noise and pollution generated by the motorway.

Now, the benefits afforded by this barrier are seemingly of little importance and SDC are proposing to sell this woodland privately. Tree Preservation Orders, (TPOs), have been put in place and restrictions on the use of the land are proposed, but SDC are not in a position to continually monitor the situation and guarantee the woodlands continued preservation - TPOs are frequently breached.

The Parish Council believes that it is vital to the residents of Badgers Mount that this piece of essential infrastructure, this barrier, remains in public ownership to ensure its continued existence, and that it continues to protect their health and wellbeing.

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