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House Locator

Find a house in Badgers Mount.

To display the location of a house in Badgers Mount use the menu above - select a name to see its location.
The red cross shows the house location on the map.

Tip: On a PC, click on the house names list and type the first letter of a house to move through the list...

Houses displayed on OS Map
View Badgers Mount houses and house names displayed on an interactive OS Map.

Houses in Badgers Mount, Sevenoaks, Kent.

The map above shows the names of houses in Highland Road, Charles Road, Milton Avenue, Badgers Road and the Orpington By-pass. Houses in these roads only have house names so can be tricky to find!
There are also four houses in Old London Rd. that have been included as they only have names not numbers.

Houses in the other roads within Badgers Mount, Old London Road, Crest Close, Sandersons Avenue, Christies Avenue, Badgers Rise, Woodlands View and Johnsons Avenue are mostly numbered and therefore easy to find so haven't been added to the house locator.
Some houses in these roads have been added to the 'house locator' on request to help people find them - this can be done for anyone via the contact page.

Badgers Mount House Prices
Sold house prices - view data direct from the Land Registry: House Prices

A local business supporting the village website
Sevenoaks Builder and Property Developer, Sevenoaks, Kent
General Building Contractors and Property Developers - Based in Knockholt, Sevenoaks, Kent

Street View

Houses in Badgers Mount

Use Google STREET VIEW to explore Badgers Mount
Jump to...
Old London Road | Badgers Rise | Crest Close | A224 Orpington By Pass | Christies Ave./Sandersons Ave. | Badgers Road | Johnsons Avenue | Highland Road | Milton Avenue

Badgers Mount planning applications
View planning applications for Badgers Mount & Halstead - Planning Applications

A local business supporting the village website
Superior Property Care - decorating and refurbishment
Superior Property Care - Home improvements and refurbishment. High Quality Decorating

Badgers Mount Property Prices
Badgers Mount historical house prices

In November 2013 the Land Registry made the UK paid house price data freely available.
Sold house prices from 1995 onwards are available to view online.

Pre-filled searches on the Land Registry website
You can create your own reports on the Land Registry website for earlier years, the links below will show house prices in recent years and will take you to the Land Registry website.

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022

The data is updated monthly. The information includes:
Address of property
Price paid for the property
Date of transfer
Property type (detached, semi, terraced, etc.)
Whether the property is new build or not
Tenure - freehold or leasehold
See the FAQ page on the Land Registry website for more details about this service.

Local Maps

Maps of Badgers Mount, Kent
Road map, OS Map, Street View.


Directions to Badgers Mount
View travel directions and mileages to Badgers Mount.

Fix Badgers Mount

Fix My Street reports for Badgers Mount
Use Fix My Street to report and view local problems - fallen trees, fly-tipping, damaged signs, etc.

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