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Trig Station, Highland Road

Early historical OS Maps (1871-1894) all show a Trig Station along Highland Road in Badgers Mount. It seems to disappear later in the 1900s.

A trig station (also know as triangulation station or as a trigonometrical point) would have been used in the early days of surveying for mapping the country. Trig Pillars (with a 4 foot high concrete base) were introduced in 1936 when a more modern survey called Retriangulation was started. There is one of these within walking distance using the footpaths to Well Hill.

As a bit of fun I decided to reinstate our local trig station making a representation of the triangular map symbol from a piece of York stone.

Many thanks to Alex for letting me install it in his grass verge!

It looks as if the original trig station would have been about 3 metres from this point on the opposite side of the road but the grass verge made a better site for it.

June 2022
Highland Road Trig Station

Trig Station stone map symbol

1871 OS MAP
Badgers Mount Trig Station
The 1871 OS map shows this as the highest part of Highland Road at 556.9 feet. Using modern mapping tools they also confirm this is around the highest point and fairly accurate at 170m or 558 feet elevation.

Trig Station installed in 2022

Stone Trig Station

Cutting stone Trig Station

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