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New Houses on Orpington Bypass 1934

Early advert for new homes on 'Badgers Mount Estate'.

Badgers Mount 1934 house advert, Orpington Bypass

Thanks to Geoffrey Kitchener for allowing me to use this image from his book Millennial Halstead.

It looks like 4 houses in this design were built. The Google StreetView images below show one house still looking very original to the drawing (with the same brickwork round the front door as shown in the advert) the other 3 houses having been changed over the years. Archive maps show originally these 4 houses were all the same size.

Streetview showing current view

1934 New House Advert

The A. E. Skipper advert refers to the Orpington Bypass (A224) as the 'New Orpington Road', this road opened in 1926.
"Within easy reach of London - close to Knockholt Station and one minute to buses.
Freehold Detached Houses - Price £875
High Elevation - 500 feet above sea level - Glorious Views.
No over-crowding - The area is restricted 8 houses only to the acre.
British materials only used throughout

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