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Badgers Mount Broadband

2024 Broadband Status

Homes in Badgers Mount (along with those in Halstead and Knockholt) all use the Knockholt BT Exchange (NDKNO 01959) for their landline phone and broadband services. BT Wholesale and Openreach support this infrastructure even if you don't use BT as your phone and/or internet provider.

FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) was available in Badgers Mount from the 22nd August 2014.
These photos show the 2 FTTC cabinets on the Orpington Bypass and BT blowing the fibre optic cable.
Full fibre (FTTP Fibre To The Property) is not currently available.

BT FTTC green cabinets Orpington Bypass

For those looking at the current broadband options or troubleshooting their internet connection these two links are useful:

BT Wholesale Broadband Availability Checker:
This will show the likely speeds you can expect using BT's service to check the line to your house.

For normal broadband (ADSL), the further away from Knockholt Exchange the slower the speeds. For VDSL (fibre based FTTC) it's the distance from the BT green cabinet on the Orpington Bypass A224 that's important.
See the image below for sample results from the BT Availability Checker using a phone number of a house very close to the BT cabinets - so they are seeing high internet speeds, there's a maximum of 80Mbps. Those living further away from the FTTC cabinets - Badgers Road, Milton Avenue etc. can expect lower speeds - around 20Mbps. Lines using standard ADSL broadband (not FTTC) might only see speeds of between 2 and 6Mbps.

It doesn't matter which provider you use, if you have fixed line broadband then all providers will use the same infrastructure supported by BT Wholesale and Openreach. Your choice of provider can effect the broadband service reliability/quality though.

BT Wholesale Broadband Performance Test (speed test and IP Profile):
This is BT's official speed test which will show how your line is performing and is useful for troubleshooting speed issues.

Sample Availability Checker results showing internet speeds for a house on the A224 close to the BT cabinets
BT Availability Checker

Local Broadband Campaigns
This photo shows BT upgrading the local broadband to FTTC in July 2014.
View an archived page showing more details of changes to Badgers Mount Broadband over the years.

Badgers Mount broadband

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