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Update June 2015
The new village gateway signs have been installed along the A224, Orpington Bypass and Old London Road.

Village gateway signs

View more pictures: Village Gateway Signs

Update 26th April 2013
Local KCC councillor Roger Gough has documented the latest updates on his website:
Roger Gough - Badgers Mount Road safety plans

BMRA Appeal

Badgers Mount residents and KCC Councillor Roger Gough - 28th September 2012
A224 road safety

Kent County Councillor Roger Gough came to Badgers Mount today to receive the BMRA's appeal for road safety report on behalf of Kent County Council.

The comprehensive report provides a wealth of local information to enable KCC to consider various options to make the A224 running through Badgers Mount and The Old London Road safer for the local community to use.

The report includes a variety of traffic calming suggestions for the council to consider.
View the full BMRA Road Safety Appeal [SDC website PDF]
View the A224 and Old London Road Traffic Survey Results [SDC website PDF]
28th September 2012

The BMRA have arranged to present their Appeal for Road Safety Measures, together with the petition, to Roger Gough our Kent County Councillor. This will take place at 12.30pm on Friday 28th September at the Millennium sign, or alternatively if the weather is unfavourable in the Memorial Hall. We are hoping our district councillor, John Grint, and the Sevenoaks Chronicle will be in attendance to support the campaign. Roger Gough will also hand a copy of the Appeal to Kent County Council who are responsible for the A224 (Orpington By Pass) and Old London Road. Could residents arrive early at say 12.20 to allow time to prepare for the photographs.

Residents are welcome to attend to show their support for road safety and traffic calming measures following the tragic fatal accident involving one of Badgers Mount's long-standing residents, Peter Howlett.
Sue Wyatt BMRA
26th September 2012

The BMRA share the concerns of residents over the safety of their roads following the serious incidents recently on the A224 Orpington Bypass and the Old London Road.

The Badgers Mount Residents Association has set up a working party, to prepare a Report on the speed limits of Old London Road and the Orpington Bypass. Sue Wyatt, a BMRA member and Shoreham Parish Councillor and Eric Raven, former Chairperson of the BMRA are reviewing the situation on our behalf. Eric, has extensive professional knowledge of road usage, given his career as a Driving Instructor. The BMRA are very fortunate to be able to call upon his specialist knowledge in this instance.

The BMRA initiated an investigation into the road safety of Badgers Mount after the tragic accident of a long standing resident, Peter Howlett. Sue and Eric have received information from concerned residents which helped them draft their findings. They have written an extensive report, including recommendations, which have been approved by the BMRA. They will shortly submit the report to Kent County Council for their consideration.

A petition is being arranged, which will be included within the report to Kent County Council, and volunteers representing the BMRA will be calling on every household within the next few days to obtain signatures in support of the campaign.

If you have any information about safety issues on these two roads and would like to discuss them with Eric, please contact him on;
We will keep you updated.
Liz Dallimore
(Chairperson – BMRA and Shoreham Parish Councillor)
22nd September 2012

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