BADGERS MOUNT Sevenoaks, Kent

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For the unadopted/private roads in Badgers Mount. Road Fund History

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The Badgers Mount Road
Maintenance Fund

The roads within the maintenance fund are:

Badgers Road
Highland Road
Johnsons Avenue
Milton Avenue

The current contributions to the
Badgers Mount Road Maintenance Fund:

Basic for household: £40.00
Additional payment for each regularly used vehicle
: £30.00

Officers of the Fund


Roger King 
Gordon Plumb
Dianne Wills

Tel: 534214
Tel: 534279

Road Representatives

Badgers Road
Highland Road
Johnsons Avenue
Milton Avenue

Olive Came
Richard Ruston
Dianne Wills
Maureen Simmons


Repairs to Highland Road - July 2002
Repairs underway in Highland Road
Picture July 2002

20mph Badgers Mount private roads speed


Dear Neighbour,
Another year is nearing its close and its been another year in which our roads have continued to be bombarded by heavy lorries, trucks, vans and cars. Apart from the Vodaphone works earlier in the year, the wear and tear has been caused by us the residents, our visitors and our suppliers' delivery cars, vans and HGVs. All this use takes its toll on the road surfaces and, as you all know, it is the collective responsibility of all the residents to pay for the maintenance. Private roads - Please drive slowly

By the end of the 1960s the roads had been made good and surfaced by the then residents out of their own pockets and it is with sincere thanks to them that we have the roads as they are today. They were however, never designed for the current and ever increasing traffic use and they are now starting to show there age. In a number of areas there are signs of subsidence and in places the edges are being badly eroded, widening the carriageway and undermining its integrity. There have been some edge repairs, patching and pothole filling carried out this summer and we have also installed some new road entrance information signs together with a number of 20mph speed limit reminders and some 'slow' signs. Speeding is still a regular problem!

Another issue relates to the areas that have never been fully surfaced and this oversight needs to be rectified. We are currently awaiting quotations for surfacing works to these unfinished areas with a view to consultation and joint decision making with the affected residents in the new year.

We are continuing to put pressure on KCC Public Rights of Way Office to fully repair and make safe the eastern section of Badgers Road from its junction with Highland Road. This section is officially designated Public Byway 7 and the road surface is their responsibility. Their inaction is a disgrace and I am escalating the pressure to rectify this situation.

Sincere thanks to all of you who have already paid your subscriptions. At the time of writing the contributions received amount to 67% of the properties that are accessed from our roads on the Mount and this is an 11% improvement on last year at this time, but sadly, payments have now stopped coming in.

We are sure many of you have just overlooked it, we all do it, but may we please ask all of you who have not yet paid your subscription to use the renewal form enclosed with this newsletter. Your contribution is very important. We are fully aware of the anomaly regarding the unfinished areas and until an equal playing field exists, we have included a concession on the renewal form to align with payments we regularly received from a number of affected residents.

Finally, for the few, who regularly do not contribute, may we please again appeal to you to think of your neighbours when you use the roads, they are paying for you!

Sincere thanks and best wishes to you all from the Badgers Mount Road Maintenance Fund.

Roger King

Surface dressing Highland Road - July 2015

Highland Road - Marchants surface dressing July 2015

Road Fund History

Early in the 1960s, following the building of some houses and bungalows in Highland Road, a few residents held a meeting to discuss the possibility of funding a scheme to lay a surface to Highland Road. The road then was nothing more than a cart track of flints and large pot holes. Footwear during the winter months was definitely gumboots with thick soles!

The meeting successfully raised a sum of money to make a start on filling pot holes with tarmacadam. Under the name Highland Association, the group called upon all residents in the road to contribute into a fund so that more work could be carried out in successive years.

However, after the worst section of Highland Road had been treated (in 1965), residents in Milton Avenue and Badgers Road were impressed and following a meeting of all residents of the three roads, the Badgers Mount Road Maintenance Fund was born. Johnsons Avenue joined the fund on the 1st January 1988.

Albert Thomas

The Badgers Mount Road Maintenance Fund and the Residents' Association are separate bodies.

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