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Planning Applications in Badgers Mount, Sevenoaks, KentPLANNING APPLICATIONS in Badgers Mount


Online Planning Applications - View the latest Badgers Mount planning applications
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Local Planning Applications
Local planning applications are listed under the parish of Badgers Mount, but as some applications which can affect Badgers Mount are part of the parish of Halstead there are options below to search for both parishes in the ward of "Halstead, Knockholt and Badgers Mount".

Planning for:
Ward Halstead, Knockholt & Badgers Mount   Parish: *BADGERS MOUNT*

UPDATE: Above search changed to search for 'All' Wards as SDC have some invalid references!

Planning for:
Ward Halstead, Knockholt & Badgers Mount   Parish: *HALSTEAD*

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APRIL 2015
Now Badgers Mount has it's own Parish Council a new search has been added above.
The old search for planning applications in Badgers Mount when we were part of Shoreham has been left below for reference.

Planning for:
Ward Halstead, Knockholt & Badgers Mount   Parish: *SHOREHAM*



Map of Badgers Mount Green Belt/AONB Badgers Mount Green Belt Map

AONB/Green Belt map of Badgers Mount (PDF)

Showing planning policies:
EN6 - Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)
EN7 - Special Landscape Area
EN17(B) - Site on Nature Conservation Interest
GB1 - Metropolitan Green Belt
S3A - Local Centres
View Map Legend
Further details can be viewed on the Sevenoaks District Council's website

Badgers Mount is within the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and largely within the London (Metropolitan) Green Belt area. See the Kent Landscape Information System website for more information.



Updated September 2017
Badgers Mount - Land opposite Parish Field, Badgers Road

SDC document: "Conclusion: Unsuitable".
Appendix 2d – Category 4 sites (greenfield sites in the Green Belt adjacent to identified settlements) you can download the report here (SDC website).


3rd August 2017 to 5th October 2017
View and comment on the Local Plan - Issues and Options consultation on the SDC website.


June 2016 - Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment

View the Halstead, Knockholt and Badgers Mount potential development sites that have been submitted by the land owners on the SDC website.
PDF document 11 shows our local sites including 200 houses in the FM Conway (ex-MOD) site and 10 houses in a field in Badgers Road.


Local non-residential planning applications of interest

April 2016

16/01072/FUL Elite Motors, Orpington Bypass, Badgers Mount KENT TN14 7AP
Nursing Home development proposal - Orpington Bypass A224Demolition of the existing garage and erection of a 60 bedroom elderly nursing home (Use Class C2) with associated adjustments to the site access and provision of associated car parking, landscaping and site infrastructure.

View application on the SDC website
24th February 2017: GRANTED

SDC are proposing to sell this woodland - further details: Jenkins Neck Woods


Three separate planning applications for a local crematorium have recently been submitted.

London Road, Halstead (opp. Polhill Garden Centre) - Fields...1) SEPT 2013: PLANNING APPLICATION 13/02415/FUL
Crematorium and Burial Ground planning application.
London Road, Halstead (field opposite Polhill Garden Centre).
View application on the SDC website
Change of use of land for the erection of a new crematorium, associated car park, access road and gardens of remembrance, and area for natural and traditional burials.
Land South Of Orchard Barn London Road Halstead KENT
Decision published 8th November 2013: REFUSED
16th December 2013: APPEAL LODGED
10th March 2014: APPEAL DISMISSED

Additional Crematorium application not related to the above
This is in the adjacent field to the above application.
Demolition of 4 buildings & a silo. Change of use of land for the erection of a new crematorium, memorial garden, fencing, landscaping and car parking, together with new entrance gateway off internal access road. Land North Of Oak Tree Farm London Road Badgers Mount Halstead KENT TN14 7AB
View application on the SDC website
28th March 2014: REFUSED
1st May 2014: APPEAL LODGED
19th December 2014: DECISION: APPEAL ALLOWED
Planning Inspectorate reference: APP/G2245/W/14/2217055 View Decision

"The appeal is allowed and planning permission is granted for a crematorium, memorial garden, landscaping and car parking at land north of Oak Tree Farm, London Road, Halstead, Kent, TN14 7AB in accordance with the terms of the application, Ref SE/13/03178/FUL, dated 24 October 2013, subject to the conditions in the attached schedule."

30th January 2015: High Court Challenge Claim
6th February 2017: High Court DECISION
See SDC Planning Application link above for details.

3) WATERCROFT WOODS - Halstead, Kent
Third Crematorium application approx. 1 mile from the two above
Proposed Chapel/crematorium, relocation of the ancillary car park and erection of a woodman's shed.
Watercrofts Wood, Old London Road, Badgers Mount Kent.
View application on the SDC website
19th March 2014
25th JUNE 2014
: *New application submitted*:
14/02003/FUL Erection of Chapel/Crematorium, provision of ancillary car park and erection of a woodman's shed. Watercrofts Wood Old London Road Badgers Mount Kent.
View application on the SDC website
30th January 2015: REFUSED

NOTE - there is also a planning application for a cemetery at this same location:

Halstead/Badgers Mount Cemetery - Watercrofts Wood, Old London RoadWATERCROFTS WOOD CEMETERY
Halstead, Kent
APRIL 2015 15/01244/LDCEX
Watercrofts Wood, Old London Road, Badgers Mount Sevenoaks, Kent TN14 7AE
To establish that planning permission SE/10/00079/FUL (Erection of a chapel and maintenance shed, car park and ancillary facilities, Amended plans received 11.03.2010 showing amended siting of proposed buildings to take account of protected trees) was implemented.
View application on the SDC website
19th June 2015: REFUSED
15th Sept 2015: APPEAL LODGED
Planning Inspectorate reference
: APP/G2245/X/15/3134599
View Appeal on the Appeals Casework Portal

9th May 2016: APPEAL ALLOWED
Summary of decision: "The appeal is allowed and a lawful development certificate is issued".
Use link above for further details.

19th October 2016 - New planning application:
16/03186/FUL Watercrofts Wood Old London Road Badgers Mount Kent.
Proposed chapel, maintenance store, access, car parking and associated landscaping
View application on the SDC website
27th January 2017: DECISION: GRANTED


Fort Halstead development plans
The website contains further details and the latest news.
JULY 2016: The Fort Halstead website address is currently unavailable/for sale.

March 2015

Outline Planning Application submitted for Fort Halstead:
Outline planning permission for the demolition of buildings and development of a mixed-use development comprising a business area (Use Classes B1 and B2 with ancillary energetic material testing) of up to 27,000 sq m GEA, 450 residential units, a hotel of up to 80 beds, a village centre (Use Classes A1-A3, B1a, D1 and D2), use of the Fort Area and bunkers as an historic interpretation centre (Use Class D1) with ancillary workshop space, and works associated with the development including roads, landscaping, security fencing, formal and informal open space, pedestrian, cyclist and public transport infrastructure, utilities infrastructure, sustainable urban drainage system, cycle and car parking (with all matters reserved); and detailed approval for two access points at Otford Lane/Crow Drive (primary) and Star Hill (secondary).
View application on the SDC> 
View decision using the link above.


20th May 2013
Seismic Survey for Oil and Gas in Sevenoaks and Bromley
Leading to Fracking? (hydraulic fracturing shale)

Photos of survey being carried out in Badgers Mount (Old London Road and A224)

Oil Survey - Cables laid around Badgers Mount (Old London Road) Seismic survey vehicle along the Orpington Bypass
CLICK to enlarge

Posted for information for those wondering about the works going on around Badgers Mount, Halstead, Knockholt and Shoreham.
NNorth Weald '2D' Vibroseis Seismic Survey is being carried out by Telsa Exploration International Ltd on behalf of Northdown Energy Ltd. The survey is covering 63 kilometres of road and track between Farnborough, Knockholt, Dunton Green, Otford, Shoreham, Eynsford and Orpington.
The survey process involves a slow moving convoy of specialist vibrator tractor units.

Link to KCC's website removed as it no longer has the details for the seismic survey.
The original reference was: KCC/PRE/SE/0030/2013

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House locator - Houses in Badgers Mount
View the latest Badgers Mount planning applications
The Badgers Mount Memorial Hall
Local information
Fix Badgers Mount! Fix My Street reports
Badgers Mount roadworks and travel information
Road, Bus, Train travel directions

KCC Mineral and Waste Sites Development Plan
Ex MOD Depot in Shacklands Road (Site 8) and Land off the A224 at Hewitts Roundabout (Site 104)

KCC Mineral and Waste Sites Development Plan - there are two proposed sites in Badgers Mount.

*GOOD NEWS!* BOTH the Badgers Mount proposed sites have been removed from the preferred site options.

Welcome to Kent The Garden of EnglandSITE 104: NOT ALLOCATED! [KCC link]
Reasons for not allocating site:
"This site is in the Kent Downs AONB and the Green Belt. The identified need can be met from the development of sites which are not constrained by national policy."

Proposal: Biomass facility (waste wood incinerator) - CD Waste Management Limited.
"This area of land has been put forward for use as a biomass facility which would use waste wood to generate electricity. The material would arise from a range of sources included Commercial & Industrial and Municipal Solid Waste, 60% of which would be sourced from Kent."
LINK: KCC Consultation for SITE 104
The site entrance is directly opposite the Welcome to Kent -Garden of England sign near Hewitts roundabout on the A224.

Use the 'Site 104' link above
to read submitted comments - Deadline for comments ended on the 19th December 2011.

Biomass Proposal: BBC Radio Kent interview.
Ben Croucher talks to some local residents and committee members about the proposed incinerator. The original BBC radio news item was broadcast on the 5th March 2012


Reasons for not allocating the site:
"This site consists of previously developed land within the Green Belt and the Kent Downs AONB. Sufficient capacity for Aggregate Recycling to meet the need requirements in the Core Strategy can be obtained from allocating sites which are not in either the Green Belt or the AONB and there is no need to allocate this site."

Entrance to the former MOD 'Chelsfield Ammunition Depot' in Shacklands Road

KCC Consultation links: There are two proposals for the former Chelsfield Ammunition Depot
1 Minerals Site Options consultation-Secondary & Recycled Aggregates Sites for Consideration
2 Wastes Sites Options Consultation-Treatment/Materials Recycling Facility
The former MOD site is included in both the KCC 'Waste Consultation' and the 'Mineral Consultation'.

Michael Fallon MP addressing BMRA meeting 18/11/2011 Michael Fallon MP addressing BMRA meeting
Michael Fallon MP Chelsfield Depot Hansard reports...

View Michael Fallon's
Chelsfield Depot
questions in Parliament: 14 November 2011
Military Bases: Chelsfield
31 October 2011

Chelsfield Ammunition Depot
13 October 2011

Planning Permission: Sevenoaks

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